3.5xGMPR Blackhawk’s Royal King of Northstar

With this dog you can truly have it all: good looks, upland and waterfowl hunting, hunt tests and field trials, and a home companion.

  • High Drive
  • Natural Point
  • Trainability
  • Marking Talent

We are just getting started with this up and comer! Roy went three for three in 2020 running master APLA tests and earning his GMPR. During the summer of 2021 he ran qualifying field trials and finished in four of them. In 2022 Roy will be running more APLA tests and pursuing MH and QAA titles. When Roy isn’t training or hunting he can be found relaxing at home or in the halls of school supporting students. He truly is a machine in the field and a gentleman in the home.

Licensed Therapy Dog

3.5x Grand Master Pointing Retriever (APLA)

Qualifying Field Trial Finishes

Roy with his APLA Grand Master Pointing Retriever ribbon – June 2020
Fourth Place in his first ever Qualifying Field Trial – May 2021
Roy’s Pedigree

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  • Sire: 1.5xGMPR GRHRCH UH Mississippi Mayhem MH QA2
  • Dam: 4xGMPR Northstar’s Happy Trails Sage JH
  • Strong field trial and pointing lab lines. Four-generation pedigree includes: 5 NAFC, 1 NFC, 9 FC, 5 AFC, 10 GMPRs.
Roy loves belly rubs and ear scratches from all kinds of humans at school.

Roy was the feature of this podcast in February of 2021. Listen to it here.